These are the professional web pages of David Platt, expatriate British archaeologist and ancient historian, born in Mossley (in Greater Manchester), alumnus of SDUC/CPDS (now Trinity Saint David) and UCL’s Institute of Archaeology.

In 2008, I earned my Ph.D. in Classics (Archaeology Track) from Stanford. I was Stanford’s Classics Bibliographer, in addition to being Operations Manager for Stanford’s Art & Architecture Library.* In the summer of 2010, I gave up these positions to follow my wife east—to the Greater Philadelphia Area.

I am currently working as a Special Collections Assistant in Princeton University’s Marquand Library of Art & Archaeology. Before that, I was a Library Services Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania’s (aka UPenn’s) Van Pelt Library. In fall 2011, I taught “Introduction to Archaeology” at Rowan University, as an adjunct professor.

If none of this means anything to you, you’ve got the wrong David Platt (there are a lot of us around).


Just a heads up: As a recent-ish but permanent transplant to the Greater Philadelphia Area and South New Jersey, I am on the look-out for archaeological projects with which I can get involved. If you think that someone with my background and experience (résumé, here) would be a useful addition to your team, in whatever capacity, don’t hesitate to contact me.

* Obviously, none of the opinions you’ll find on these pages are necessarily those of my current or former employers.